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General Membership

We welcome new members, for more information, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Per our bylaws:


Section 2.2 Qualifications for New Applicants to the General Membership

(a) Applicants for General Membership (“Applicants”) shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age without restrictions as stated in Section 2.1.

(i) Due to the Court’s fund raising activities, which are conducted (for the most part) in establishments regulated by the Alcohol Beverage Commissions of DC, MD or VA; the membership must comply with said regulations. Therefore, a member may participate in such activities ONLY if said member is of legal age as determined by said regulating agencies.

(b) Applicants who are/were affiliated with another Imperial Court System Monarchical Society may submit their application to the Board of Directors to be considered on an individual basis with regard to membership status, titles, etc.

(c) Membership will be open to residents of the following Commonwealths/States/Districts:  District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

(d) A member may use the name of the Corporation and Title assigned or earned only during official Court or ICWDC functions, or functions specifically reflecting the Purpose of the Court or ICWDC as specified in Section 1.3.  Members may not use the name of the Corporation and/or their titles for his/her own personal gain.  Abuse of the name/title, especially for personal monetary gains is grounds for immediate revocation of membership.

(e) Members are expected to promote and maintain a harmonious relationship with all members of the Corporation. Disruptive and/or offensive behavior and actions that are not in the interest of the Corporation, as determined by the Board of Directors, are grounds for revocation of membership or other disciplinary action.


Per our Policies and Procedures:



Section 2.1 Privileges of Members

(a) Members may participate in and vote at General Membership meetings provided they meet the criteria in Chapter II of ICWDC By-Laws.

(i) New members of the ICWDC shall not be eligible to vote until the first monthly general membership meeting following the GM or Board of Directors (BOD) meeting that their membership application was submitted

(b)The BOD reserves the right to reject any application for membership




For more information about us, these are the primary documents governing our organization:

ICWDC Policies & Procedures




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